Great Lakes Tile & Stone extends a limited one year warranty to the original purchaser, that this installation will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for one year from the date of purchase.

Great Lakes Tile & Stone’s responsibility under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at Great Lakes Tile & Stone’s option, products or parts of installations determined by Great Lakes Tile & Stone to be defective either in materials, or workmanship. To attain warranty service, the customer must contact Great Lakes Tile & Stone with proof of installation completion date.

Value to the customer

We provide our customers with the most unique opportunity. Instead of Great Lakes Tile & Stone buying the tile and flooring for our customers, we let them buy them buy their own, directly from our suppliers. They are the finest tile providers available (not your typical home improvement stores). This is for your convenience, broad flooring selection and tremendous cost savings. If you want to buy your tile at a local home improvement store that is your option also. We can get you discounts on your tile and flooring needs.

The customer is responsible for picking out their tile and paying for it, including delivery, unless other arrangements are made with us. There is a delivery charge if we agree to pick your tile up for you, based on the amount of tile to be delivered. Our minimum charge is $65.00.

Great Lakes Tile & Stone requires the tile to be on site before any works begins. This prevents time-loss and unnecessary expenses for both parties. There is nothing worse than running around picking up supplies when we could be working. This must be understood by the customer prior to starting tile work, however, as in any construction project, small things do come up occasionally and must be worked out.

Any deviation or additional work from the original plan must be negotiated before that work will commence and an agreed upon amount of money will be required before doing such deviation or additional work.

Our General Work Policy

Great Lakes Tile & Stone only does one project at a time. In other words, when we are tiling in your home or business, the same workers will be on your project from start to finish. That is the only place they will work until the project is completed, unless there is a strange set of circumstances (which are very rare) that we all agree upon.

All materials are paid for by the customer and delivered prior to us starting work.

Additional work (for unseen problems such as rotted wall or pipes and such) will require extra monies to solve. It is impossible to see all variables that come up in the process of estimating and when the project begins. The customer is responsible to pay for any unforeseen problem areas that come up. For instance and example: If a person contracted us to re-tile their shower and we pulled the old tiles off only to find that the drywall behind the tiles was rotten, then the customer would be responsible for arranging for repair of the wallboard through us or another contractor before tiling would commence.  This is just one example of the many unforeseen items Great Lakes Tile & Stone would not be responsible for during a project.


Payment is to be made by check or cash only. Great Lakes Tile & Stone has not had the need to accept credit cards in the past. We may, in the future, arrange for credit card payments, but at this time, they will not be accepted. All checks will be made out to: Great Lakes Tile & Stone. Payment increments will be agreed upon before work starts. We do NOT extend net terms. Payment is due, in full, upon project completion. Payments for additional work materials will be paid for and delivered before deviations and additional work starts by the customer. Great Lakes Tile & Stone will not carry material costs for the customer. If delivery is by Great Lakes Tile & Stone, the delivery charges will be paid by the customer prior to the work starting. If more projects are desired by a client, they will each be taken on as a new project with the same policy applied.


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